Shenyang Sunrise gas compressor

Enterprise was founded in 2001, formerly known as Shenyang Shen Yuan gas compressor factory. Mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of the reciprocating piston compressor, technical consulting, technical transformation and other services. Enterprise nature is a privately owned. With the gradual development of enterprises, in January 27, 2010, by the Shenyang Shen Yuan gas compressor factory converted to Shenyang Shen Yuan Gas Compressor Co., ltd..


All products for their own design, with 100% of the independent intellectual property rights. Enterprise after entering the state committee for standardization of the compressor, and industry experts participate in the formulation and review of a number of normative documents, combined with the development trend of the compressor industry, to the Commission puts forward several feasible suggestions, promoting the development of compressor industry.

企业经过自我创新、自我开拓,已形成一套完整的研发、设计、生产流程。现拥有强大的技术队伍,除现职中、高级技术人员外,还聘请在本行业内有影响的压缩机专家 8 名,大专院校教授 5 名作为企业长期的、固定的技术顾问,使企业的技术实力、创新能力始终处于行业内的优势地位。科学规范的制度是保障申元能够高速健康发展的基石,在追求理想的背后是申元人的极积务实态度。我们将一如既往的秉承“精心设计,精确制造,精诚服务”的经营宗旨。我们愿以卓越的品质、满足用户的需求、完善售后的服务,与您-我-他共创美好的未来。

Enterprise through self innovation, self development, has formed a complete set of R & D, design, production processes. Now has a strong technical team, in addition to the present vocational and senior technical personnel, also hired an influence in the industry compressor expert eight, college professor five as the enterprise longterm, fixed technical adviser, technical strength of enterprises, innovation ability has always been in a dominant position in the industry. Scientific standard system is to protect the Shen Yuan to the cornerstone of the rapid and healthy development, in pursuit of the ideal behind is Shen Yuan positive and pragmatic attitude. We will, as always, adhering to the "careful design, precision manufacturing, sincere service" business purposes. We are willing to excellent quality, to meet the needs of users, and improve after-sales service, and you - I - he to create a better future.

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